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What is Sammaki?

Sammaki is a culturally and environmentally responsible tour company created and owned by young Cambodians. Our mission is to facilitate cross cultural exchange and promote sustainable tourism. We are committed to building the capacity of young Cambodians by providing fair wages and encouraging entrepreneurship in Cambodia. In addition, we facilitate a unique experience for travelers by create opportunities for them to engage with locals, participate in activities, share experiences, and explore the rural side of Cambodia. Through these tours our guests will gain insight into the traditions, history, and lifestyle. We hope through this process people will reflect on their own lives and their impact as travelers.

Our Team

To promote Cambodian culture, history, and lifestyle, we have designed our tours so travelers can see beyond general history and stereotypical perspectives about Cambodia; this allows them to interact with amazing local people and explore incredible places off the beaten path with Cambodia’s insiders. By providing travelers the opportunity to interact and participate with local people we will help them develop a deeper understanding about Cambodian life and culture.